Welcome to the Village of Little Berkhamsted with Howe Green and Epping Green

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Welcome to the community website for the civil parish of Little Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. As well as the village of Little Berkhamsted, the parish includes the hamlets of Epping Green and Howe Green. The website is sponsored by the parish council for the entire community.

With a population of around 560, Little Berkhamsted is located in the district of East Herts, Hertfordshire, in beautiful countryside near the county town of Hertford. The village has an interesting history and can trace its past to Saxon times. It was in Little Berkhamsted that William the Conqueror accepted the surrender of the City of London after the Battle of Hastings in 1066.

The thriving village community has a parish church, St Andrew’s, two pubs; The Beehive in Epping Green and The Five Horseshoes, a cricket club, and a village store. The parish is criss-crossed with public footpaths and bridleways and is a lovely place to live, work and visit.

Little Berkhamsted Playground has reopened

When using our playground we need you to stay safe, so please take note of the following:

  • The maximum number of children allowed within the playground at any one time is 8
  • If the maximum number of children has been reached please do not enter and wait outside of the play area
  • When entering the play area please give way to adults and children exiting and keep your distance
  • Only 1 child should use each piece of equipment at any one time unless you are all from the same household
  • Please observe social distancing in line with government guidance for waiting queues and when using the play area
  • Please do not ear or drink in the play area
  • The Council is not providing hand sanitiser in our play areas, we advise you wash/sanitise your hands before and after using the equipment. You may also wish to bring your own wipes.
  • Children should be supervised carefully to maintain good hygiene and should not use play areas if they have any signs or symptoms of coronavirus

We will continue to inspect the play area regularly to keep it safe from hazards such as trips and faulty equipment. Regular, enhanced cleaning is not practically possible so to help us keep the play area safe, we ask that you adhere to the guidance above. Thank you. LBPC

Enjoy your play!


The parish council are aware of the foul smelling drain overflowing on Robins Nest Hill. We have been in contact with Thames Water, the Highways department at Herts County Council and the Environmental Health department at East Herts District Council. We are currently waiting for Ringway to CCTV the drain to ascertain the source of the problem. This will require the road to be closed and this has to be scheduled around other local road closures.

Parish Council

The next meeting of the parish council will be held on Wednesday 18th November at 8pm. This will be held, socially distanced, in the village hall if regulations allow. Otherwise, it will be a Zoom Video Conference. If you wish to attend, or have questions or comments for the council, please contact the parish clerk before the meeting. clerk@littleberkhamsted.org.uk

News & Events

Property Flood Resilience Survey

Risk & Policy Analysts Ltd have been commissioned by the Environment Agency to undertake a study on resilience to flooding. As part of the study we have developed a short survey to collect information on behaviours and opinions on Property Flood Resilience. Property owners and occupiers (both residential and commercial) are invited to complete the survey so we can find out what they think.

The survey can be found here.

Help the Village

One of the conditions of the East Herts Health and Wellbeing grant that we were awarded for the pavilion renovations is that we sell at least 50 tickets for our cause on the East Herts Lottery. Thank you to those who have already bought tickets, your support is very much appreciated. If you would like to help us in this way, and be in with the chance of winning £25,000, please go to Play the East Herts Lottery

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Path and Roadside Hedges and Trees

We would like to appeal to all property/landowners in the parish to please, regularly trim hedges and trees where they border our roads and pathways. We will all then, be able to see and read the road signs and drive and walk in greater safety.

Complaints about Bonfires

The indiscriminate burning of waste, including prohibited and dangerous materials, is both harmful and anti-social and the PC urges residents to get into the habit of compositing garden waste and/or using the brown garden waste bins provided by East Herts Council rather than lighting a bonfire.

If you must light a bonfire please consider your neighbours and avoid beautiful sunny days when people are drying washing, have windows open and are enjoying their gardens.

Update on Bridleway 18

Link to the latest investigation report

Bridleway 18 Modification Order Application Investigation Report