Parish Council Elections

2 May 2019

At the Parish Council elections on Thursday 2nd May there will be vacancies for new councillors. Get your nomination form now from or telephone the Parish Clerk on 07803 906291

No councillors means no Parish Council and therefore no say in what goes on in this Parish.

A parish council is a civil local authority in England and is the first tier of local government.

Being a parish councillor

Parish councillors are elected by the public at an ordinary election, normally held on the first Thursday in May every four years. The date for the next parish council election in this parish is Thursday 2nd May.

Whether it involves activities for young people, making local roads safer, inspecting planning applications, ensuring local businesses can thrive etc, the role of a parish councillor gives you the ability to make a difference. Being a parish councillor is an unpaid position, although allowances to cover costs are sometimes available. There are just 6 scheduled meetings per year, most other duties can be carried out to fit in with ‘normal’ life.

Anyone who is British or a member of the Commonwealth or European Union (sic), is over the age of 18 yrs and is registered to vote in this area, or has worked, lived or owned a property here for the 12 months prior to the election can stand for election as a parish councillor. There are some exclusions, including working for the council for which you are standing or having a criminal record; more information on this can be found online.

Without a fully functioning parish council we could be subject to determination by the next level of local government and this would not necessarily be to the advantage of residents.

PLEASE CONSIDER TAKING ON THIS IMPORTANT ROLE. Nomination forms will be available nearer the time and can be obtained from the Clerk, Laura Brooks-Payne, on 07803 906291 or email

For more information you can contact any of the current councillors.

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